The Process

The Prep

UNMUTED didn’t just happen over night it took the senior class of 2021 months to develop and design the theme. Not all parts of the process were documented but much of the final stages were. Through development and installation of the theme students learned new skills, some emerged as new leaders, and all of the 31 seniors worked together as a large team to complete this endeavor.

Gallery Installation

The entire gallery was installed in one week through the cooperation of 31 students and two faculty members. All the selection, purchasing and installation of materials was completed by this team. Paint, vinyl, plexiglass, and other materials were used in the production of the show. Students cut vinyl, laser cut plexiglass, printed on large format printers and created website pages over the course of a few weeks.

Documenting The Process

The whole process was documented by a dedicated social media team and a talented photography team. These teams helped promote the show in all stages of its creation and were an essential part to the show’s success.

Thank you

Thank you to all of the students and faculty that worked so hard to complete the 2021 show!

A special thank you to:

  • Brittyn Dewerth
  • David Flynn
  • Robert Kelemen
  • Melissa Olson
  • Markus Vogel
  • Dave Szalay
  • Chris Hoot
  • Anthony Samangy
  • John Morrison
  • Janice Troutman
  • Stephen Cistone
  • Elysia Fornaro
  • Colin Rich

2021 web and virtual gallery team

  • Jacob Schul*
  • Drew Durdak*
  • Emilio Melendez
  • Natalie Piendl
  • Nicholas Paolucci

2021 documentation and photography

  • Caitlin Ross*
  • Ashley Hunter
  • Rebekah Sorensen

2021 Electrical Team

  • Rachel Mion
  • Grace Rielly

2021 Financial Coordinator

  • Anastacia Hite*

2021 Participation Coordinator

  • Sarah Pipo*

2021 Senior Show Leadership

  • Niko Elenchevski
  • Adelina Seda
  • Nadia Alnashar
  • Linh Le
  • Lindsey Wasnak
  • Emma Wiktorowski
  • Laura Torres

2021 Broadcast and social media team

  • Lindsey Wasnak*
  • Hannah Fortune
  • Astrid Sidaway
  • Kali Madden

2021 Takeaway coordinators

  • Megan Popovich*
  • Alexa Burton
  • Amanda Ebert

2021 Installation Team

  • Anika Spurlock*
  • Maria Englehart*
  • Brady Patterson
  • Greta Conley
  • Emma Wiktorowski
  • Adelina Seda
  • Tyler Davidson
  • Alonso Laston
  • Linh Le

* Denotes a lead coordinator

© 2022 Myers School of Art Graphic Design Senior Portfolio Exhibition


Hannah is passionate about illustration and character design, and loves incorporating bold design into her work. She loves to explore new styles and techniques, and her own style is fluid. Hannah wants to be able to connect with people through her art, wether it be through the characters she creates or the designs she builds.


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