The Myers School of Art Graphic Design Senior Exhibition


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 Meet Nadia Alnashar! Nadia has a major in Graphic Design and a minor in Illustration. She’s passionate about typography, illustrations, and UX/UI design! Her main objective in design is to create a simple and friendly design for the user to experience. 


Drew loves to create objects in three dimensional spaces. He thrives on solving problems that will result in streamlining a function or task. He is currently interning With //benitez_vogl studio to create a 3D printed rock for trout, and a ten-foot-tall bird house for chimney swifts.


Hannah is passionate about illustration and character design, and loves incorporating bold design into her work. She loves to explore new styles and techniques, and her own style is fluid. Hannah wants to be able to connect with people through her art, wether it be through the characters she creates or the designs she builds.


Meet Linh Le! She is passionate about packaging, rebranding, and illustration. Since she was young, she always was interested in art and design. Her dream job is working for an animation studio since she loves to create characters and back- ground concepts.


I am a Graphic designer focused on front-end web development and offering intuitive, responsive web design. I strive to create functional design that communicates effectively and efficiently. I’m interested in technology, art, and fusing the two to create proficient designs.


Megan is a passionate designer that thrives on a good challenge & constantly aims for creative solutions. She enjoys applying her skills to a variety of applications where she specifically enjoys developing brand identity & campaign marketing through a combination of typography, image, and color explorations. Upon graduation in the spring, she plans to continue her development as a designer by utilizing her knowledge towards a full-time employment opportunity within the field, allowing her to solve challenges through creative solutions.


My name is Adelina Seda and I’m a graphic designer with a strong interest in brand development and advertising. I have about two years experience working in multiple areas of design including agency and freelance work. Before working in design, I worked in the Hospitality industry and received my Associates Degree in Culinary Arts. My goal is to work in an ad agency or design segment for a company and be involved in various projects.


Meet Alexa! What Alexa enjoys most about graphic design is being able to communicate with people visually. She’d love to work in packaging and make products more accessible to the general public through design. 


 Amanda Whitsett is a hard-working designer and illustrator who loves thinking outside of the box for creative solutions. She is passionate about diving into the creative process and finds her inspiration through collaborating with others and thoughtful research. Her skills span from illustration and attention to detail, to corporate identity and typography. She loves to learn new skills and always wants to continue growing her skills as a professional designer her whole career. 


Anastacia is passionate about all aspects of design. Illustration, branding, editorial, photography and much more. She currently works as a photographer for Summa Health Systems as an Infant Photographer.


Kali is a graphic designer who loves working with a lot of color & understanding how color can affect the tone and look of a design. Kali also enjoys creating pieces that focus on social issues, create dialog, and emphasis diversity. She also loves to bring humor into her designs.


Brady is a designer who enjoys exploring new techniques and testing his creative abilities. He enjoys building brand identity, illustration, photography, and typogra- phy. Most recently doing design work for Little Tikes and The University of Akron, he is ready to pursue his career full time with no limitations on relocation.


My name is Grace Reilly, I am a recent graduate from the University of Akron with a major in graphic design. My passion for design stems from my love of typography and being able to interpret my ideas in a variety of ways. I have experience using Indesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, and Dreamweaver, but am not limited to the computer. I have always wanted to pursue a career in art and I’m looking forward to taking my skills that I’ve learned at the University of Akron into the next chapter of establishing myself in the design industry.


Hi, my name is Astrid Sidaway! I excel working on typographic layouts with clean designs but I also enjoy a diverse array of projects that force me to work outside my comfort zone. I love starting new projects because it is very exciting to see the progression and the eventual outcome.


Hi, I’m Greta—I’m a designer who is passionate about showing people that beautiful and practical can be one in the same. I love to be outside, and my biggest source of inspiration comes from what I see in nature. I spend most of my free time painting, reading, and taking care of my houseplants.


Niko is a Graphic Designer with a diverse cultural and professional background, which allows him to approach problems from different angles. He is interested in Advertising and Branding, loves Typography, and enjoys working on colorful illustrations. Niko currently interns at Studio38, the creative in-house agency of The J.M. Smucker Company, where he works on iconic brands like JIF, Café Bustelo, MilkBone, and more.


Ashley is an innovative designer who shines under pressure. She is very passionate about her work in design, photography, and video. She enjoys the process of turning ideas into finished designs that show her understanding of type and color.


My name is Emilio W. Melendez, I’m a graphic designer, illustrator and painter. I’m passionate about editorial design, poster design, illustration, painting, and any creative problem I can work to solve visually.


Natalie has learned a wide range of artistic skills that have prepared her in becoming a talented graphic designer. Natalie is passionate about package design, brand identity, and illustration. She wishes one day to work with a design agency.


Hi, I’m Caitlin! I love to design tangible products that people will interact with in some way. I also try to add handmade touches throughout my work like a hand drawn pattern or mark whenever possible to better connect myself with my project


Hey there! My name is Rebekah, and my interest in graphic design sparked when I discovered handlettering at the beginning of college. Now, I have a passion for bold typography, earthy colors, and clean photography—but I also love to challenge myself to explore new styles and skillsets. Through my work at Myers and at my internship, I have learned to deeply value working with a team and the different perspectives it brings. When I’m not designing, I love to hammock outdoors, visit local coffee shops, and spend time with friends and family.


Hello, I’m Tyler Davison and I am a graphic designer. During my time at Myers School of Art, I developed a passion for brand identity, package designing, and solving complex problems visually.


There are few things I enjoy more than simple clean design solutions, branding, and a good type pairing. I love being outdoors, getting some fresh air on a long walk, good food with friends, and filling every corner with a plant.


Hello, my name is Alonzo! I’m a graphic designer and illustrator. I also craft game prototypes and stories for fun. I hope to use my skills to one day create something truly amazing.


Hello! My name is Rachael Mion, and I am a graphic designer and an illustrator. Design has always inspired me, and I love creating work and ideas that speak to others. One of the main things that drew me to design was the aspect of order with a creative mindset. I am always looking for more opportunities to learn and experience new things, and I strive to design the perfect piece.


Hello! My name is Sarah Pipo. I am a designer and have a passion for creating art. Growing up I constantly used my imagination and did whatever I could to express myself. My biggest interests are packaging, typography, and illustration designs.


Jacob is a designer who loves bold color, clean design and impactful typography; he works these ideals into his UI and print designs through careful planning and execution. Jacob believes design should make a positive difference whether that is advertising an event or raising awareness for a good cause.


Hi! I’m Annika and I am driven to design and create. The part I love most about being a designer is, seeing my thoughts come to life. Watching an idea go from sketches to digital rough versions all
the way to the final piece and how much the original idea has been altered to be made better, is amazing and shows me just how much I am capable of.


Laura’s mission as a designer and UX & UI engineer is to be able to drive the change. Professionally, Laura has focused on designing and building across every touch point of interaction, integrating clean and functional concepts to every online platform. Implementing user interface strategies in order to build better products and user experiences.


Lindsey is passionate about graphic design, and illustration. She loves learning new things and believes that her curious mindset will fuel her passions for years to come. She has interned with two different companies, Innis Maggiore, and Print and Sign Express. While working with these companies she was able to get experience with creating logos, brochures, menu design, web imaging, as well as a variety of other elements.


 I am a determined Graphic Designer that is always striving to learn more about design. I enjoy a challenge and persuing that outcome.


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